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Rotary Minute

On April 27, 2011, over 160 tornados blew across the southern portion of the United States.  These storms raged across 6 states killing 290 people.

  • Alabama – 204 fatalities
  • Mississippi – 33 fatalities
  • Tennessee – 33 fatalities
  • Georgia – 14 fatalities
  • Virginia – 5 fatalities
  • Kentucky – 1 fatality

Alabama was the hardest hit with 204 fatalities, the tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa – Home of the University of Alabama – was thought to be over 1 mile wide and over 200 mph.  Early estimates are that it was an EF5 tornado.

According to news sources, people were given about 24 minutes notice to prepare for the tornado’s, but the combination of the size of the twisters and the magnitude of power behind them, most structures were completely destroyed; nothing was left.

Rotary Club Radio has reached out to both of the Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa, in hopes of hearing more about the recovery efforts and how our community might support them.

You can visit their websites to send them well wishes as well.

Here is a video from Tuscaloosa News

Here is another video from ABC News

Featured Segment

019 Rotary Club Radio – Paul Mooty – Polio Eradication

Our special guest is Paul Mooty from the Edina, MN Rotary Club.  Paul wrote a case study on the success of Polio Eradication for the Center for Integrative Leadership – through the Carlson School of Management & Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs. Paul details Rotary’s history with Polio and how Rotary became known for involvement in Polio Eradication.  Although many people know of Rotary’s involvement, they don’t all know the story behind it.  You may be surprised!Links:

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