Update from Laura Kriessin on 4/22/11

All the students and staff at my high school, Tokiwagi Gakuen, are safe.   As far as shortages, etc., things are getting better.  Sendai Airport has also started having domestic flights again.

Unfortunately, last week, my first host mother, father and younger sister went to my host mother’s home town to attend the funeral of her niece and niece’s husband, who are still considered missing.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk on Rotary radio.

~ Laura

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Rotary Club Radio Episode 018

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Rotary Minute

Rotary Club has been fighting Polio for a long time.  We have seen a lot of great things happen through our efforts, but some still ask, “How close are we to seeing Polio eradicated?”


Featured Segment

018 Rotary Club Radio – Laura Kressin – Rotary Exchange Student to Japan

Laura Kressin

Laura Kressin at Graduation with Parents

Cannon Falls Rotary Club exchange student to Japan, Laura Kressin, joined us on Rotary Club Radio to talk about her amazing experience in Japan during the March 11, 2011 earthquake that shook the country.

  • Listen to Laura describe the events as she experienced them back on March 11th and follower her through the emotional roller-coaster that eventually led her back to Cannon Falls, MN, leaving behind her friends and host families she had grown to love over the past 8 months in Japan.
  • Not knowing if classmates had survived, she continues to try to contact her host family in efforts to hear actual news about the tragedy.
  • How did her parents, Ken and Heidi Kressin, cope with the news and what eventually brought Laura home?

We want to thank Laura for giving us some of her time to tell us her story and challenge us to continue to remember and give to the people of Japan.

Shelter Box

In the last episode, #17, I presented the opportunity for listeners to donate to Shelter Box via Rotary Club Radio and we’ll continue to collect donations, but if you’d rather donate directly to Shelter Box, visit: www.ShelterBoxUSA.org.

Shelter Box has committed over 1,500 shelter boxes to Japan.  Shelter Boxes include a shelter (tent) large enough for 10 people, blankets, lights, water purification kit, tools, cookstove, plates, cups, utensils, and even some gifts for kids – to help them cope with the disaster.

Donate to Shelter Box






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