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Episode: #11 – Greg Hill – Rotary Club of Topeka, KS (Downtown) – Marketing & Technology in Rotary.

In this episode, I’m interviewing Greg Hill, the Public Relations/Media Relations Chair of the Rotary Club of Topeka, KS. Vocationally, Greg is the Assistant Executive Director of the Kansas Dental Association and he uses technology every day to tell others about what new for dentists ~ so why not do the same to tell others about Rotary?
I ran across Greg on Twitter when I saw a post inviting others to watch his Rotary Club live on the internet. Using the power of “Free Technology,” Greg is getting the message of Rotary out to others and making a difference for Rotary.
Here is a video clip of Greg talking about what dentists are doing in Kansas to provide free dental care to people who can’t afford to go to the dentist themselves.

Greg shares with me how he uses social media tools like: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Ustream to educate others about Rotary Club. He talks about the digital newsletter that he helps produce for the Topeka Rotary Club, which eliminated thousands of dollars in printing and mailing costs each year.

The newsletter is online and easy to read like a paper version, but with this new technology, he is able to add multi-media effects like audio and video to enhance the reader’s experience.

Consider your club and how they can tackle the technology and marketing issues without all the stress. I hope you enjoy the show!

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