Have you been following the news of the Earth Quake in New Zealand?  The devastating quake has been challenging to deal with, but Rotary Clubs and Rotarians have stepped up to the challenge and raised a 1/4 of a Million Dollars through their charity fund.
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Rotarians, who have so far raised $260,000 through their charity fund, have heaped praise at the way people have responded to help each other and the people of Canterbury after the devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch on February 22.

All the money raised would be channelled into helping the recovery and rebuilding of the region, a special two-day conference in Auckland at the weekend attended by 350 Rotarians was told.

“The spirit of families, their neighbours and communities looking after and helping each other is a cornerstone of the international service club’s existence,” Stuart Heal, a Rotarian from Cromwell who is now a Rotary International Director, told the conference.

“I think the earthquake has reinforced that people living in this country are, mostly, by nature caring and giving and will support a cause,” Mr Heal said.