Ignite, Develop, Sustain – The Cheetah Development Story 

First Annual Benefit to support Cheetah Development, a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable change for the poor in Africa by investing instead of giving handouts.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (August 23, 2011) – After only 2 years of operation in Tanzania, Cheetah Development will host its first annual benefit on Thurs. September 29th from 6:00 -9:00 p.m. at the Minnesota Valley Country Club, located at 6300 Auto Club Road in Bloomington. Along with great Tanzanian-style food and auction, music and fun, a live auction will be held for a beautiful 4 Kt Tanzanite stone. Cash bar will be provided.

For more information or to purchase tickets (starting at $35) to attend this exciting event please contact Angela Eifert at 612.644.6545.

Supporting Economic Growth in the Developing World

Cheetah Development is engaged in one of the poorest areas on earth, East Africa, primarily in Tanzania. While malnutrition rates hover around 40%, half of the food grown by farmers rots and is never consumed. This organization is filling the gap in an investment range essentially missing in the developing world, from $5,000 to $500,000.

This is the key investment size because it creates businesses that solve the problems that keep people hungry. And since the model is based on business, it is sustainable for the long-term. Moreover, it is highly efficient with money – creating a substantial impact for the amount invested – far beyond what is expected in traditional aid.

Since 2009, Cheetah Development has cultivated several community relationships and small business opportunities to provide sustainable economic development in rural Tanzania. With five major projects underway, Cheetah Development is driving long-term, sustainable development of small businesses that serve entire communities by providing employment opportunities and economic growth. Cheetah Development has grown to support several hundred farm families across 25 villages.

Cheetah Development seeks to grow its impact by increased business development and innovation in Tanzania, Africa, and beyond.

Contact: Tina Freeman
Cheetah Development

Note from Angela Eifert:
Angela is the As a former Fast For Hope delegate to Nicaragua, Group Study Exchange recipient to India in 2009, and Past President of Twin Cities Rotaract Club member in Rotary District 5960.

I believe Cheetah Development offers the kind of “sustainability” that Rotary Clubs around the world are exploring and trying to adopt.

As a very young organization, in operation since just 2 years ago, Cheetah Development has already made great progress in economic development in Tanzania. While the nonprofit organization is based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, there is an investment company in Tanzania that allows investors to support the business development projects that Cheetah Development generates, along with the donor support of the nonprofit.

This organization is changing the way foreign aid is delivered and executed. While the donated goods and services provided by traditional foreign aid programs are a great short-term solutions, they are not sustainable and often times will stop any business development progress that has, or could be made in the communities they serve.

Instead of unfairly competing with local business by offering free hand-outs, Cheetah Development supports local community entrepreneurs in Tanzania, helping to implement effective business plans that will provide jobs, commerce and economic sustainability for the entire community.

Cheetah Development strives to be a model of true sustainabillty for all developing communities as they try to pull themselves out of poverty.