Rotary Friendship Exchange

Our District 5960’s ‘Rotary Friendship Exchange’ (RFE) Planning Team is excited to announce an Friendship Exchange opportunity with District 2430 in Turkey.  We will be accepting applications for the Outbound Team starting Sept. 1st – deadline for applications is Oct. 31st, 2012.

Application and information regarding this exchange can be found on the District Friendship Exchange website.

Dates for the outbound and inbound trips are scheduled for:

  • Outbound Team –  May 24th – June 3rd, 2012
  • Inbound Team – June 20th – June 30th , 2012

The Rotary Friendship Exchange committee is also looking for 3 clubs to host our Inbound guests when they arrive next June.  Guests would stay for 3-4 days at each club location and there will be a team of 8 participants per team.

If your club would like to become a part of this exciting program and learn more about the Turkey Culture and make friends during the hosting process or the “traveling to Turkey” process, please contact Lonna Lysne – RFE Chair @  or 507-451-1153.

For more information on Rotary Friend Ship Exchange, please visit: Rotary’s Friendship Exchange website