Rotary Club Radio is highly supportive of cutting edge ideas that move Rotary forward. One of the trends in Rotary is something called an eClub. Currently, there are over 60 Rotary eClubs around the world. That is truly amazing, considering eClubs are so new in the Rotary mindset.

What is a eClub?

An eClub is an official Rotary Club chartered within a Rotary District, but it doesn’t have a physical location like a traditional Rotary Club.  Instead, an eClub is open to members from anywhere in the world – as long as the prospective member lives within a Rotary District.

One of Rotary’s newest eClubs being formed is in District 5960.  It is called the “Rotary eClub World Wide of District 5960“.  The leaders of this new eClub hope to have enough prospective members to charter soon. According to Don Craighead, sponsoring Rotarian for District 5960, there are many reasons someone would choose an eClub over a traditional club.

First, an eClub allows you to participate at your convenience. Today’s busy professionals are not always available to attend a meeting at the same time each week and an eClub allows members to attend an online meeting 24/7, 365 days a year.  This format is appealing to younger professionals and retirees.  Second, an eClub may be more affordable than a traditional club. Because eClubs don’t require you to buy a meal at the meeting, the cost savings can be passed onto members.  Third, members who are unable to travel due to handicap or injury are now able to join Rotary and participate in membership from their own home computer.

Rotary International recognizes that business professionals are busy and may travel as part of their business responsibilities. They also realize that many professionals want to be a part of an organization like Rotary, but are unable to commit due to the necessary attendance requirements of a traditional club.  Rotary’s make up policy allows members to attend other clubs to make up for missing their home club.  An eClub member would be able to do that if they choose, but everyone can benefit from the eClubs existence because anyone can do a makeup online via an eClub meeting.

According to the Rotary eClub World Wide’s website:

Rotary eClub’s are meant to open the door of Rotary to people who are unable to commit to a traditional Rotary Club that meets at a specific time and location every week.  Joining an eClub allows you to attend the online meeting when it works best for you.  You are also free to join the eClub of your choice, World Wide, as long as you live in a Rotary District around the world.

If you are interested in finding more out about a Rotary eClub or specifically the Rotary eClub World Wide – visit:

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