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In this episode of Rotary Club Radio, I interview Jim Rettew to talk about his crowd fundraising project called, “Barn Raisings” – a new model of fundraising that utilizes the power of community & social media to help people in need.

Rotary Club Radio Episode 040

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Barn Raisings

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“Taking a page from the Amish, Extreme Home Makeover, and Habitat for Humanity, I came up with ‘Barnraising’.  What if we expanded the idea of a typical barn raising to building things like a new playground, a new roof for a tornado victim, or a school extension?  Throw in new technology that allows projects to be crowdfunded.  Add a volunteer sign up list so people can not just donate their money but their time.  Think Extreme Home Makeover, broaden it beyond homes, and add a crowdfunding/crowd volunteering element to it.  That’s what Barnraisings is all about.”



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