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postheadericon Don’t Miss Staff Benda Bilili Documentary Film

For Immediate Release

District Governors Judy Freund (5960) and Chuck Berg (5950) invites all Rotarians from both districts to consider attending and promoting an important events that focus on Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio.

A documentary Film, “BENDA BILILI!” will be playing on September 22, 2011  (Download Press Release: Rotary International – Staff Benda Bilili)

NOTE: The LIVE Performance by Staff Benda Bilili – scheduled on September 27, 2011 was CANCELLED.

Here is a little more about the group:

Staff Benda Bilili, is an up and coming group of rising music stars that  will be touring our area.  Most of the members of the group are survivors of Polio. This is a major opportunity to to get the word out in your community of the fact that Rotary is dedicated to the eradication of this deadly disease.

Significantly the group is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the disease had been eliminated but has now resurfaced in a major way.

Staff Benda Bilili, has a wonderful sound that is truly unique to our Midwestern ears, especially when you understand the messages they are conveying to the listeners.  Watch the video below where they are singing about the importance of Polio Vaccinations.

Like all the finest African bands, Staff Benda Bilili’s swirling complexity removes the option to do anything but dance … Havana cantina, Kinshasa slum, psychedelic club, or London arts centre—this crack outfit would tear the roof off anywhere.”— Independent



postheadericon 020 Rotary Club Radio – Tuscaloosa Rotary Club – Tornado’s Fury

Rotary Club Radio Episode 020

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Rotary Minute

For more information on erraticating Polio, visit:

Featured Segment

On April 27, 2011, around 200 tornado’s blew across the southern portion of the United States. These storms raged across 6 states killing over 300 people.

Tuscaloosa, AL, home of 2 Rotary Clubs, had about 1/7 of their city destroyed by the EF5 tornado that ripped a 6 mile path of destruction through its streets.  The tornado is estimated to be have been up to 1 mile wide at times and had sustained winds of over 200 mph.

Note: According to The Chronicle:

  • About 350 people have been confirmed dead across the country as a result of tornado activity last week.
  • Authorities are still sifting through the rubble after an 80 mile (129km) long, 1.5 mile (2.4km) tornado tore through Tuscaloosa — the worst hit location.
  • About 5000 structures have been damaged and 13,000 people affected in a city with a population of 98,000.

With only about 24 minutes notice, the population of Tuscaloosa had little time to prepare for the tornado and once it was over, they were left with over 5,000 structures (homes, businesses, and buildings) destroyed, 41 deaths, with 60 people still missing.

According to today’s guest, the Tuscaloosa Red Cross and Salvation Army Headquarters were destroyed as well as the Boys and Girls club.

Here is the video of the Arial view of the damage!

Valuable Links:

Opportunity to Give!

United Way of Western Alabama
c/o – Tornado Relief
PO Box 2291
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403

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postheadericon Dramatic Rescue in Haiti – 7 Days After the Quake

Rotary Club Radio Blog
January 25, 2010

Fading hope was restored as NYPD and FDNY rescued more earthquake victims, 7 days after the quake struck. Beating the odds, a brother and sister were rescue after their father flagged down a Haitian police office who sent for the New York City Rescue Team. That father was feeding his children through a tube and communicating with them until help arrived.

Watch the child expressions of joy as he is pulled from the wreckage, it is truly heart warming.

Haiti will face years of difficult recovery and with the death toll surpassing 150,000 people and climbing, the shattered government is trying to bury the dead and provide for the survivors. With the help of some world governments and countless organizations like Rotary and Shelter Box, Haiti has received much needed relief and supplies, but because of the chaotic scene, many still haven’t received assistance.

As more help arrives and supplies like medicine, food and clean water are delivered, the short term mission to save lives will turn into a long term mission to sustain and rebuild a nation.

Millions are now homeless and unable to contemplate the steps necessary to begin such a rebuilding task. They will need shelter, food, water, and support to begin the process. If you would like to help, you can donate money to provide a shelter box that will help give shelter and needed supplies to an extended family of 10 people.

There are many wonderful relief agencies working in Haiti right now and support from individuals and businesses are necessary for humanitarian efforts to continue.

To Donate: